One of the many jobs that local historian Ed Quick had was Justice of the Peace. In the Quick Collection is his “General Criminal Docket of East Amwell” spanning the years 1941-1948. This book holds all the arrests occurring  in the Township during that period. Below are some of the more interesting cases. Because some of the families are still around I have used only initials of the defendants.

  • Nov. 1948 – WS of Stockton “did willfully and maliciously shoot and kill 2 mallard ducks on the property of HC” –Guilty; Fine $3.50
  • Dec 1944 – ES “fined $20 for carrying a loaded shotgun in his car”
  • June 1946 – DM “did unlawfully appropriate, with intent to steal, 6 leghorn chickens from TH”. Held for Grand Jury; $100 bail
  • July 1946 – GS “disorderly conduct, under the influence of liquor, lying along the Ringoes-Wertsville Rd”. Fine $20
  • Nov 1947 – CH of Lambertville “did steal one Beagle Hound valued at $150”. Held for Grand Jury. $50 Bail
  • Oct. 1948 – AW “became intoxicated and in a loud voice called RP a white headed SOB and heaved a brick through his bedroom window. Stood out in the road and called him vile names, cursing in a loud voice”. $15 fine, 10 days in the County Jail
  • Nov. 1948 – HM “unlawfully carried a loaded 8 millimeter rifle and discharged it on the Sabbath Day”. Fine $20


Jim Davidson