• Clawson House Rehabilitation

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East Amwell History

AerialJoin us for a fascinating tour about East Amwell history written by Jim Davidson.

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graveJoin us on a tour of 5 fascinating cemeteries in the East Amwell Area.

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booksBooks about the History of East Amwell

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 BatemansRead little known facts about East Amwell.

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Clawson House Update: Front Porch and Back of the House

Progress continues on the Clawson House. Check out the work on front porch and back of the...

Clawson House Update: Showing off Work on the Flooring

Work on the downstairs flooring of the Clawson House was completed recently. Check out the...

Ringoes and the Ground Observer Corps

“Wake Up! Sign Up! Look UP! was the beginning of an advertisement, fostered by President Eisenhower in 1953 encouraging communities to become part of the U.S. Air Force Ground Observation Corps. Fashioned after a similar organization in WWII, this reformed Corps was...